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Stochastic Skalper

The Stohos skalper strategy can be use for 2 type, because of the Stochastic oscillator's universality. If we want, we can use that strategy for daytrade, the secend type is the position collecting.

Fast Stochastic Settings:


Amplifier Stochastic Settings:


Slow Stochastic Settings:


Charts and periods:

We can use it all of the charts.
So we should use the strategy over m15, but below the trend's time period.

How to use:

If the Fast and the Amplifier Stochastics arrived to the extreme zones, that indicate local trend. The Slow Stochastic ratify the position or it can be, that oscillator is in the extreme zone, and the other 2 Stochastics arrived, we can tell, it is a trend on the ch

Position Collecting:

If a trend is strong, we can not use the Stochastic Oscillator for step out from the other side extreme zone, because of we just have new pinnacle without corrections. So we can use that opening strategy for collect positions.

StopLoss an ProfitStop:

StopLoss sould be small, at most 50 pips rather than less!
ProfitStop should be small, if we datradeing, but we should not have ProfitStop, if we use it for collect positions.

We do not take any responsibility for the losses!