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Integer strategy

This strategy one of the forex box strategys. It bases on Nicolas Darvas's box strategy. It works on calm or very srong trends. It is a simply strategy, we should use it on long time strategys for collect positions.

Working method (open):

Basic, we should get holders for the 100 pip's integers (examples: on eurusd the second corporal, on usdjpy are the integers). We should draw our open price to the trend direction leave to 10 pips. We can use pending order (buy or sell stop).


We should use that strategy on symmetric type (stop loss is buy stop +20 pips) to the integer holder (it is statistically better too). We have to choose one of the stops, and calculate the other one from the function.
Function: Stoploss = IntegerHolder +/- ProfitStop

Collect positions:

On the fi
rst and the secend position, we should use 50 to 110 pips stoploss. We should saw all of the positions on the chart one big position. That opens minimalize the risk, we are in profit from the secend or the third position, what depend on our stoploss. If we want, we can calaculate the 0 or a minimal profit price, it is a growing Stoploss price from the third position.
Important! If a new position opened, we should recalculate all of our Stoploss on the chart.



We do not take any responsibility for the losses!