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4MA Strategy:

We used the 55 Moving Average indicator for get trends it is a simple open strategy for all of the charts. And we collected positions.

WARNING! That strategy works on trends, not works on sidings. Siding-trending strategy accessory needs for that.


Indicator (period; Time Frame; Mode) (Color)

MA (55; H1; Linear Weighted); (Lime)
MA (55; H1; Smoothed); (red)
MA (55; H1; Simple); (red)
MA (55; H1; Exponential); (red)


All of the strategys should do not use sample periods, but We think we should use it sometimes.

How it works:

Buy positions (Long):

We open pyramid positions on new global trend, all time the Lime MA breaks up one Red Ma.

Sell positions (Short):

We open pyramid positions on new global trend, a
ll time the Lime MA breaks down one Red Ma.

Close, TP and SL:
From accessory strategys!

We do not take any responsibility for the losses!